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Statutory Initiatives

Constitutional Initiatives



Recall Referendum

Campaign Strategy

Whether you want to get on your first ballot or move on to the next level, Let the Voters Decide has the experience to capitalizing on your core strengths to make it happen.

Ballot Access

Getting your name on the ballot can be a complex process, depending on where you live and what office you want to run for. LTVD makes the process simple for you.

Political Initatives

The government has policies and procedures unlike any other industry. LTVD can help you navigate the waters of government communications for maximum benefit.

Voter Identification

LTVD uses proven methods to identify early supporters so that you can stay in touch with them, use them as focus groups and reach out to their friends and associates.

Petition Management

Whether you are looking for full-service petition management or if you simply want to consult with an expert, you can rely on our decades of experience to help get your measures on the ballot.

Voter Contact

Direct, personal contact is the key to winning supporters.  Our team reaches voters at community events, on the streets or on the phones, listening to their concerns and educating them about the issues.


What Our Clients are Saying

We do more than manage campaigns and get initiatives on the ballot; we help our clients achieve their goals and create change in the way that their government works.

They come to us with a vision of what they would like to accomplish, we help them create an actionable plan for making their dream a reality.


"The only way that anyone gets people to work like that is to treat them right. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed, but these people impressed me. They are sharp, dedicated hardworking people."

Craig O'Dear

Let the Voters Decide was key to getting us on the ballot. In a competitive primary in a huge geographic area it was important for us to get our signatures first. Combating the elements and an extremely condensed timeline, LTVD delivered nearly 3000 signatures in 10 days, assuring that we met our deadline and were the first to deliver to the Secretary of State. They deployed more teams when it became clear that our original plan wasn't going to get us enough signatures and verified everything against the voter files we provided. We were the first campaign to qualify for the ballot, and we're so grateful for all the hard work of the LTVD organizers.


If collecting a high number of valid signatures in a very small municipality may be like finding a needle in a haystack, what Let the Voters Decide did was to do this twenty times over...They brought indefatigable willpower and energy to ensure everything possible was done in order for us to achieve our goals. For that, we are incredibly grateful. I highly recommend Mark & his team to anyone in need of signature collection anywhere in the country.

Sam Pernic

Ready to make a difference?

Whether you are looking for a consultation or would like structure and support every step of the way, contact us today and find out how we can help make your campaign a success.

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