3 Tips for Getting Signatures on Your Petition

Whether you’re trying to get your name on a ballot or you’re leading the charge on an initiative, it all comes down to one thing: signatures. Though every state is different, the majority require a certain number of signatures to be gathered. In fact, since the signatures later have to be verified, your goal should be to gather more than the minimum required. That way, you still have enough signatures after the invalid signatures are filtered out. Let the Voters Decide has been gathering signatures for years. We’ve learned the ins and outs and we want to share some of our wisdom with you. Here are three tips for getting signatures on your petition.

1. Create messaging that matters.

The simplest way to think about your messaging is this: tell people why they should care. If you overload them with information about your initiative that they don’t understand or has nothing to do with them, it’s going to be difficult to get signatures. Instead, craft your messaging in such a way that helps the average American understand why your issue or your candidate is important.

The reality is – impactful messaging starts long before you’re ready to gather signatures. It starts with your overall strategy.

  • What is your end goal?
  • What are the steps you need to take to accomplish that goal?
  • Which voters are you most likely to align with your goal and how can you reach them?

Many politicians make the mistake of going straight to signature gathering without taking the time to create a strategy and clarify their messaging. Don’t make that mistake. Your messaging has the power to make or break your initiative.

2. Cover lots of ground.

Any way you slice it, gathering tens of thousands of signatures over a short period of time is never easy. It requires a small army of people who are dedicated and hard-working to invest hours upon hours into gathering as many signatures as they can each and every day. It’s not an easy job. Many voters don’t enjoy being approached by strangers, asking them to sign a petition. That’s why it’s so important to have people on the job who know where to go, how to best approach voters, and most importantly, how to “sell” the issue.

A good way to think about it is this:

  • How many signatures do you need?
  • How much time do you have to get them?
  • Based on how many people you have gathering signatures, how many signatures do they need to average per day in order to reach the number of signatures?

This quick exercise will better help you understand whether you are equipped for the job at hand or whether you need to bring in additional help.

3. Work with a professional.

DIY is great for projects around the house, but not for getting an issue or a candidate on the ballot. There are so many different nuances depending on what state or county you’re located in, what (or who) you’re trying to get on the ballot, and a number of other factors. Not to mention, there are time constraints and deadlines in the mix. You can’t afford to waste time gathering signatures ineffectively. Working with a professional, allows you to discern exactly what needs to happen and when. Additionally, you get access to that professional’s network of circulators. These are the men and women who get thousands of signatures from voters across the country.

Let the Voters Decide has by far the largest network of circulators, located all across America. If you’re looking for assistance getting signatures on your petition, there is no team more equipped to create and execute a winning strategy for you. Contact us today to start the conversation.