Let the Voters Decide takes the guesswork out of signature gathering, bringing transparent pricing backed by decades of experience and proven results to your campaign.


The Market

How Let the Voters Decide Can Get You or Your Issue on the Ballot for a Lower Price

Like anything else, there is a market for signature gathering. If you don’t understand the highs and lows, success can be very costly, if it is even possible.

At Let the Voters Decide, we know what it takes to run a successful campaign. We have been helping people get themselves or the issues that matter most to them on the ballot for over 20 years.

Many potential candidates or groups with a ballot issue think that it’s best to start spending conservatively so that they can reserve as much as possible to spend as the deadline approaches, but that approach sometimes backfires. Other factors, such as the change of seasons, affect the number of signatures that can be gathered.

Instead of leaving costs to spiral out of control as the deadline approaches, our experience allows us to reliably predict the market and offer you fixed, transparent pricing for your campaign.

Campaign Strategy

Petition Managment

Ballot Access

Voter Contact

Better Results Start at the Source

Every state has requirements for how many signatures you need to collect in order to get your issue on the ballot, and each state has its own challenges. California gives the shortest timeframe, for example, while Missouri requires that you collect signatures from at least six different districts. To be successful, you need to have an advantage.

You can’t reach great heights without having a solid base to support you. At Let the Voters Decide, our greatest strength is the devotion and loyalty of our hard-working petition circulators.

We get superior results because we always remember that every signature on a petition represents a quality contact that a circulator made with a voter. Each circulator has his or her own style, and the best have perfected the right pitch for each potential signer.

Gathering signatures is hard work. Circulators work for endless hours on their feet in all weather conditions, staying positive and friendly while facing a constant stream of rejection. They are frequently at the mercy of store managers, who call the police and try to chase them off of their property.

Circulators need to be savvy. They need to be educated on their own rights so they don’t get chased off, and on the issues so that they can answer voter questions and give compelling reasons for them to sign petition.

We recognize their hard work and reward them for their efforts by offering appreciation and incentives for high-quality work, such as faster payment, free travel and bonuses.

We regularly review and improve our systems, improving transparency, rewarding our most productive circulators and giving them what they need so that they can do their best work. Because when we take good care of our circulators, they do better work. And when they do better work, your candidate or issue can overcome intimidating obstacles to reap the rewards.

What Our Customers Are Saying

If collecting a high number of valid signatures in a very small municipality may be like finding a needle in a haystack, what Let the Voters Decide did was to do this twenty times over...They brought indefatigable willpower and energy to ensure everything possible was done in order for us to achieve our goals. For that, we are incredibly grateful. I highly recommend Mark & his team to anyone in need of signature collection anywhere in the country.

Sam Pernic

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