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If there is an issue that you think should become a law, you don’t have to wait until your state legislature agrees with you. You can let the voters decide by filing a ballot initiative. Your direct action can qualify your measure to be on the ballot in the next statewide election.

Last updated on: September 15, 2020

The state of Alabama does not currently allow its citizens to place initiatives and referendums on the ballot (Initiative & Referendum Institute, University of Southern California). Therefore, there is no way to get an issue on the ballot via petition. Currently, the state of Alabama only allows the Alabama State Legislature to put an issue on the ballot. They must put proposed constitutional amendments on the statewide ballot for Alabama voters.

Article XVIII, Section 284 of the Alabama Constitution states that the only way to amend the state constitution is for the state legislators to take a vote on a proposed amendment. Three-fifths of the Alabama State Legislature must vote in approval for the proposal. Once the Alabama State Legislature approves the proposal, it goes on the ballot. Only then are Alabama citizens able to vote on the amendment.

Please visit the Alabama Secretary of State website for more information.

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