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With a steady inflow of jobs for circulators, Let the Voters Decide is always looking to connect with people who are reliable and hard-working. If you’re interested in joining the largest network of circulators in America, please take a moment to fill out the contact information below.

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Our name is Let the Voters Decide because we believe the voice of the people matters more than ever. Circulators play an important and unique role in that process by going out into communities and engaging with everyday Americans, gathering hundreds upon thousands of signatures. It’s not an easy job, but it’s an important one.

At Let the Voters Decide, our work takes place all across the nation and on both sides of party lines. We consider our circulators to be part of our family and often go out of our way to create positive experiences for them. If you’re looking for a work environment with competitive pay, flexibility, and a sense of community, we’d love to meet you.





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